Walk in Creativity 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Open House/Luncheon


As I sat here this morning looking around the first floor of my home I realized what a blessing my life is and how it is so good to give back in light of all that you receive. Yesterday my business Walk in Creativity had its second annual Mother’s Day Open House/Luncheon and a blessing it was. I look forward to treating the Mother’s special each year to a sit down lunch. I decorated the tables so beautiful in hopes of bringing a smile to their faces. I designed the atmosphere to be a comfortable and warm space for them to enjoy a time of fellowship, good food and fun. Moms do a lot and are depended upon more than most envision. They deserve a day of recognition and even though worldwide she is annually celebrated I just wanted to add a little extra icing on the cake by honoring them in my own special way which is why I have this Event every year. I pray each year it gets bigger and better but I know God will draw all who are intended to be there and expand the Event as he sees fit. I am just honored to be the hostess who does a part in serving them on a special chosen day each year. I am grateful for all the ladies who attended the event. I look forward to, Lord willing, our 3rd Annual Event in honor of Mothers in 2020.

God has given me so much how could I not be inclined to want to give back in some sort of way to others. It’s not always about you being served you have to learn to want to support and serve others in anyway you can. Support is more than just saying, good for you and I wish you the best, yes those are beautiful sentiments don’t get me wrong but its a little more than that. We have to put our support in action if its just sharing someone else’s accomplishments with others, being a spokesperson for them and or rallying around them in love and in person at their event(s). A long time girlfriend of mine that was in attendance said something yesterday that touched my heart, she said “I had to show up it was a special day for you”. That statement that touched me deep inside because it was true. It also touched me that she saw fit to be there and support me in spite of having perhaps other things might have to desired to do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon but she choose to spend it with me as did all the other ladies. She knew that it was more than just a selling event and that she would get something back in return.
I was the designer, the decorator, the caterer, the host and the server and I loved it. I thank God for the energy to do it all. I did not want them to come to my event and think that their sacrifice and efforts coming to my Event would be in vain or one sided. I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me and that is true friendship. It’s a two way support system. It is nothing you feel burdened or forced to do, its done because you want to for sister/friend in support and love. I am just grateful for the years of friendship and love I have received from these women, some are new and we are building a friendship in love and I feel the same about them. I have always been involved in the empowerment and uplifting of other women hence my groups Woman2Woman Lounge and Moms Working for the Kingdom started in 2007. I have not been attending to these two groups like I use to in light of changes in my life and my new businesses Walk in Creativity and Catherine Rose Creations but I want to bring everything in conjunction with one another full circle so you will be seeing and hearing more from me in different areas on social media.

God Bless you all, keep striving for what you believe in, step out on faith to see your dreams come to fruition, never stop believing in yourself no matter how many others might not and keep giving back, you are more special than you think. Pray and let God’s grace take you places according to his will and purposes in your life.

Blessings and Love,
Catherine Rose

Walk in Creativity


June 2018 Woman in the Spotlight: Tamika Johnson-Ogbu


This months Woman in the Spotlight is Tamika Johnson-Ogbu . She is a wife, mother, grandmother. She is aslo the owner and founder of Guiding Light Christian Services. Tamika has worked in the field of social work for over 20 years. She dedicated most of those years helping individuals diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. Her passion is helping others to deal with different life situations. Christians experience difficulties and life challenges just like anyone else. We are not exempt. In this day and age with so much happening in the world and in the home sometimes you need someone you can talk to. You need counsel and encouragement. You need the incentive not to give up and guidance to help you along as you try to cope and get through what you are going through. Guiding light Christian Services might be just what you need to help you do just that.

W2W: Tamika what inspired you to start Guiding Light Christian Services?

Tamika: Not my Will but thy Will be done. I must confess, I tried so hard to avoid opening Guiding Light Christian Services LLC. I was afraid of failing. I was afraid that I heard God wrong. I was afraid that I would be ridiculed for taking that gigantic step by starting a new business. After I graduated seminary I returned to the secular workforce. Yes, I attempted to find a position in ministry but kept getting doors closed in my face due to my lack of experience. I had over 15 years’ experience as a social worker and maybe a year and a half in ministry which wasn’t cutting it for those hiring. Therefore, I snuggled back into the industry of social work and convinced myself that the four years spent in seminary was for my personal growth in Christ and not a calling into ministry.

As the years past God continued to convict my heart. I worked with individuals that struggled with substance abuse and mental illness. During that time, I moved from job to job because I disliked the way agencies treated their clients. I found myself witnessing to clients, which is a no no in secular social service agencies. Nevertheless, my heart broke for those hurting and I wanted so badly to offer individuals with true healing, healing only Jesus Christ can offer. During a worship service in September of 2017, the pastor said during service “Tamika, God has been talking to me throughout the service to give you a message: I have equipped you to move forward but you won’t. There are hurting people that need you, trust me and do what I’ve instructed you to do.” It was then that Guiding Light Christian Services LLC was born.

W2W: What Services do you provide?

Tamika: I offer individual, couple and family sessions as well as group sessions. I specialize in substance therefore everything else falls in order, mental illness, trauma work, grief and loss, issues of bullying, parental relationships, and deliverance. It is not required that potential clients are Christians, but I do use Christian values and use scripture as my God. I will pray with my clients as well as pray for them. My goal is to to allow God to heal and Him to use me as a vessel to lead people to His healing.

W2W: How do you balance life? Women wear many hats. (Wife, Mother, Grandma, Business Woman, Homemaker, etc.)

Tamika: I’ve become comfortable with using this simple word, No. My first ministry is my family. If my family is not healthy, I am not healthy therefore anything I pour out is not healthy. I rely heavily on a schedule. I schedule my work, my sessions, my worship and my family time. I listen to my body and take breaks. I sleep on purpose and I play on purpose. My focus goes in this order, God, my health, family, my work and ministry.

W2W: What do you feel is the resolution to many of the things we see happening in the world today? There is so much hate, abuse and injustice happening.

Tamika: The resolution? To lead people to God’s unconditional love. Many people are existing with scales over their eyes. The enemy is roaming through this world whisper his lies into ever person who will listen. We as the body of Christ must free them from his bondage, deliver them from the demonic forces that has nestled into their minds, hearts and souls.

W2W: How do you hope to see Guiding Light Christian Services LLC grow in the next couple of years?

Tamika: I believe my calling is for the family. Not only would I ‘d like to offer therapeutic services for children, teens, adults, couples and families, I would also like to purchase a house to offer transitional housing for families. I see that there are housing services in place for women and children, battered women, men and even for just children (foster homes) but I have yet to see a transitional housing program for nuclear families (husband, wife and children). I would like to teach families follow God’s lead, to use scripture as their life’s manual, to build the Christian home. Too many times I am seeing families who are facing hard times be forced to live separately and are ill equipped to stay committed during the rough times. Why split them, why not empower them?

W2W: What words of encouragement can you give to others who may be hiding physical and mental abuse, struggling with being accepted, those who have no self-love and the many who are struggling to overcome an addiction of some sort?

Tamika: Do not allow the negativity of this world consume you to the point that you give up hope. Your Creator loves you and only wants to see the best for you. You were born with a purpose; the challenge is finding that purpose. All too often we look for our purpose in the wrong places; sex, drugs, people’s approval, money, conditional love, etc. We are taught that we hold the keys to our happiness, our future depends on us. Our loving Father holds the key to our peace, joy and purpose. The good news is, God who is love, wants a relationship with you, He cares about everything that goes on in your life and the sorrow that you may feel, He can wipe it all away. God uses people to care for His sheep; connect with a shepherd and watch God work in your life.

You can found out more about Guiding Light Christian Services by visiting the website @

Guiding Light Christian Services

Thank you Tamika for giving of your time to share with us. I love you sister. God Bless you in all that you do.

Woman 2 Woman Lounge,

Editor and Overseer,

Catherine Rose

International Women’s Day



March 8th is International Women’s Day. It is a day of  celebrating the equality, empowerment, and uplifting of women. The Woman2Woman Lounge was created in 2007 to form a bonding sisterhood. We as women need to stick together. Who else can relate more to what we go through and the things we have to deal with then us. A woman can carry a list of Titles: Wife, Mother, House keeper and cook, business woman, caretaker, etc.  Every woman is not fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom by choice. Many have to go out into the work force and hold down a second job on top of what she does at home. In some cases she is the sole provider of the household and the only caretaker and role model for the children. Often she is not recognized for the many responsibilities that lay on her shoulders and is not often compensated be it financially and or emotionally.  She goes through a lot mentally and physically. Here we shine the light on, uplift and support each other. We need to know that we can depend on one another for spiritual support if not anything else. Sometimes we just need to know that someone cares enough to listen and offer some level of comfort and encouragement. We are the glue that holds the family together. We often put ourselves last and everybody else first mainly because the happiness of our family is the most important thing to us. We put our all into making sure everyone else is content and taken care of and we rarely have time for ourselves or to get the proper rest and nourishment we need to keep ourselves strong physically.

I am so grateful for Women’s Resource Centers that offer help to women.  I myself have benefited from their compassion and uplifting talks. They also provide counseling, legal direction, educational services, etc. They will point you in the direction where you can obtain help in your time of need. I just didn’t want the day to end without recognizing this day and all the women around the world who need to know that your hard work and sacrifices aren’t being done in vain nor are they totally unrecognized. You have others that care about what the things you face in life and you don’t have to go through it alone. Cheers to you dear sister, because you are more important than you sometimes even realize. The Woman2Woman Lounge salutes you!

February 2018 Woman in the Spotlight: Candice Cruz


When I first met Candice Cruz back in 2010 through her ministry “Broken But Not Defeated” never did I foresee the impact that she would have on my life. We immediately bonded. I will never forget the talks we had and the encouragement she has given me over the years. I can truly say she is etched in my heart. Over the past eight years our lives have both went in different directions but we found away to keep in touch as much as we could. I have watched my sister in Christ grow tremendously. Her life shows the hand of God on it. I thank her for taking the time to give us a glimpse into the changes her life has taken since we last talked via Woman2Woman Lounge back in 2010.

W2W: When sharing their testimonies people often give mention of who and what inspires them to do the things they do. Candice, who or what has been your inspiration?

Candice: The “who” are women such as yourself who work everyday for there families. Women who are making a difference in there communities and the lives of others. We are women. We are strong. We birth nations and give rulers and kings a voice. God made us that valuable and important and it is my deepest desire and purpose to affect as many lives as I can before I leave this earth. I want to give them a piece of God instead of a piece of Candice. Only what we do for Christ will last.
W2W: What has been your greatest challenge in your life thus far and have or how have you gotten getting through it?

Candice: My greatest challenge has been time management. Trying to balance Business Owner, Mom and helper. I learn daily but including my son in the process has been monumental as well as starting earlier and ending later. I pray constantly for wisdom and strategy and God knows exactly how to answer and when to answer.
W2W: Candice was it your plan to one day have your own cosmetic company?. I love BUtiful Cosmetics by Candice. Please tell us how this all came about and where we can see and purchase your products?

Candice: No it wasn’t always my dream, my first love is acting and that passion will never die without me pursuing it. However I love fashion, beauty and creating so when God showed me the vision HE didn’t show me the journey or the process. The process was revealed as I go. God gave me the vision 14 years from completion. I had no idea how to do this and accomplish it. I did however know if I can see it I can have it. I kept my faith and worked towards my dreams, I created a second line of income to fund my dream. I am 100% self funded no loans or investors no family money here or there. My products can be purchased through my on line store at http://www.butifulbycandice.com and in stores located in New York and Philly.

W2W: Where do you hope to see yourself and your business in the next 5 years?

Candice: In 5 years the BUtiful Company will surpass being a household name. The company will employ survivors of Human Trafficking the company will own several centers for women and girls. The BUtiful company will be able to fund sister non profits and become an BUtiful Empire.

W2W: What message of hope can you offer other woman who might be fighting their way through a storm and trying to find a place or purpose in this world?

Candice: Follow your pain because it leads to your purpose. We often times concentrate on what and where it hurts rather than how do I get pass this or how do I push through this. God gives us the tools we need to complete the vision HE gives us but we never start instead we sit waiting for the help to come. Well guess what? No one is coming! Everything you need to start you have already, start right there where you are! As a face is reflected in water, so does what’s in the heart.


You can found out more about Candice’s mission and how to order BUtiful Cosmetics by visiting her website @ BUtiful by Candice

Thank you Candice for giving of your time to share with us. I love you sister. God Bless you in all that you do.

Woman 2 Woman Lounge,

Editor and Overseer,

Catherine Rose

The Woman2Woman Lounge


The Woman2Woman Lounge founded in 2007 is still up and running and many of us whose lives crossed paths through W2W and MWK are still in touch with one another. In 2018 we will be connecting with woman from the past and some new women of Faith to see how they are growing in Christ through their businesses and in life. We are in the second month of a New Year and I feel bigger things are about to happen for many of us in this New Year. Things have already been happening in the lives of some of these women since we last interviewed them between 2007-2010. I cant wait to read in detail what God has been up to and what new things they are doing or continuing to do since last I talked to them One on One Woman2Woman.
Peace and Blessings,
Sherri Walker
Organizer of Moms Working for the Kingdom
and Woman2Woman Lounge

God is Bigger than your problems


I just have to give God the glory, great things he has done, is doing and is going to do. If it were not for his grace and mercy I don’t know where I would be mentally and physically right now but because of his love for me I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on my table and people who love me. Life has its twists and turns and sometimes it takes unexpected detours. Without the strength that only God can give we would be broken beyond reach or repair but with God all things are possible. Renewed strength, New beginnings and New life are all possible through Christ Jesus. Hope is never totally lost. We all experience setbacks and can even find ourselves in situations we never thought we would be in but through petition and prayer unto God A CHANGE WILL COME, we just have to have faith. The Bible says without Faith its is impossible to please HIM whoever comes to God must believe that He is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. I say this to say your are not defeated, the devil is a liar hope abounds, deliverance is in Jesus, change is through him. He is a God of second chances. He is a healer, a deliverer, a provider and a sustainer. NEVER EVER GIVE UP, God is bigger than any of your problems, help is found in him. Seek him and trust him with your life. Praise him in good times and in even bad times when you feel lost and confused and cant see the positive in your future, the devil is a liar. Whatever it is your going through God is working it out for your good keep praying and trusting and taking things day by day. Your Breakthrough is closer than you think. Have a blessed day everyone! 

What are you doing with your time?

Have you ever felt like you needed to be doing more with your time for the Kingdom? We want God to do so much for us but are we investing time doing things for the kingdom and our spiritual growth more than we are with being interested in the things and pleasures of this world? We have to be careful to maintain a healthy balance. Yes we have to do what we do to be productive in everyday life but we should begin with God and end with God and some where in the middle handle our responsibilities in this life. There are many reality shows on tv about the everyday lives of flesh and blood people just like us. We become consumed with viewing how sorted and unscrupulous their lives are and make discussion about it but what about ours? Their’s should be a teaching example of what we don’t want ours to look like. To each his own but there is a better way. Why are we so interested? Why cant we handle our own affairs and mind our own business? Why are so many pressed to be in competition with someone else to make it look like they are living better and are in possession of more for status purpose or just to say they have it all? When we are content with what we have and who we are we don’t have to obsess to have what our neighbor has or work to look like someone other than who we are. We also don’t have to press for position and fame to receive the accolades of man to make us feel important or entertaining.
Bottom line is when we seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness all things will be added unto us. We wont have to turn tricks, do flips, lie, beg, borrow, steal and be conformed to an ungodly imagine to get it. I write as things are laid upon my heart and in doing so it doesn’t seem to be just about spreading an enlightening message to others it for my growth as well. Thank you God for speaking to me for my growth and being led to share to help others to also grow as you move in their hearts trying to show us all the way as you work with us individually.
I take no credit for this for I am too just a vessel growing in HIS grace and knowledge. Everyone have a blessed day. Be careful and be safe. Pray believing and always trust the Lord even when things maybe seem bleak or you may feel like you are at a standstill in life. Nothing stays the same, a change is coming just hold on. He is not blind or death to your circumstances. Talk to him, tell him all about it and rest in knowing that answers will come. Be patient knowing that his timing is not like ours neither is his ways.
Peace and Love ❤ span=””>

Put your plan in Motion

Morning!!!! My arms are tired and my eyes are doing over time but if you want to accomplish something you have to stay on your grind. Just popped in for a minute to say hi and encourage anyone with plans trying to reach a goal to keep pressing forward. Who said it would be easy? We never know what we can accomplish if we don’t at least try, and peep this even if I doesn’t pan out like you want it to at first don’t give up keep on trying and pushing, reward is up ahead. In order to execute your plan you have to keep it in motion.—
Everybody might nor understand or even support your efforts but that’s alright you keep pushing because this involves you. Let not the opinions or actions of others deter you or cause you to stumble in your pursuit, keep moving. Faith, determination, persistence and patience are the keys. Don’t start and give up mid way because it seems harder than you thought, keep taking steps daily, stay committed, It will pay off. I admit had a habit of stopping and starting and letting things sidetrack me but not this time. I want to see where this thing is going to go. I just cant afford not to see what this can amount to. I am trying to stay encouraged, sometimes we have to learn some things on our own. We might make mistakes along the way but they will be lessons to teach us what not to do the next time. Enjoy your day everyone.—
Peace and Blessings 

Steps to Success

Steps to Success

Persistence, drive, and motivation are three key components in reaching your goal.
Nothing is achieved sitting around and thinking about it.

Devise a plan, set goals for yourself and get started. No, you might not be able to get where you want to be as fast as you desire but taking consistent steps daily puts you closer and closer to achieving what you want.

Have Faith

Stop using the words, No and Cant, yes you can and don’t procrastinate!

Find something your good at and develop it. What are you passionate about? Perhaps your beginning point can be in doing what you love. Many things start off as a hobby and the next thing you know you are consistently doing it. Sometimes we have to think outside of our comfort zone. Even if someone else is doing the same thing you are doing, so what. Each person has their own unique touch and personality. Put your all in it and let your light shine through your talent. Share what you do with others, don’t be afraid to showcase your talent. Use your own judgment as to how much you want to show, a little at a time is ok. Create a blog or website and let people know a little bit about you and the talents you posses. When people get to know you they become more interested in what you are doing and the get a glimpse of the person behind the product.

Remember you are the face of your brand. Bees are more attracted to honey then vinegar so put on a happy face, be friendly and welcoming. Be encouraging as well to others who might be apprehensive about stepping out on Faith to showcase their own talent and expand their horizons. As you grow to know one another and each other’s talents lift each other up and encourage one another to keep pushing forward even when things might not move as fast as you like.

Be Patient

Nothing happens over night, every thing takes time. We have to be patient and trust the process in getting ourselves organized, products stocked for selling, advertised and sold. Take pictures of your finished works and even before and after pictures to show how you turned much of nothing into something, people like seeing others creativity.


Name your business, have business cards printed up with your blog, website or Facebook link on it so people can find you. Make sure to put either your email address or a phone number where you can be reached in case people have questions about what your selling. Decide what method of payments you will be accepting and be sure to list price everything and make mention if any shipping and handling charges apply. Be precise and specific when listing each item you plan to sell, dimensions, colors, etc. Be sure to make mention of the length of time it will take for your buyer to receive your item and try to stick to that time frame. People like getting things in a punctual manner especially after they have paid for it in advance. Pack your items accordingly for safe transit to your buyer.

Keep reminding yourself that you must remain focused, persistent and determined to get where you want to be. It will be worth it in the end. Your hard work will pay off. Keep a journal of your progress. Make supply lists and wait for after holiday sales so you can get supplies at a deep discount. Most of the time you can get them from 60-80% off after the season has pass, they are always most expensive when you try to purchase them in season or during that particular holiday.

I wrote this to share but I wrote it mainly for myself so that I too can stay motivated and keep in mind if first you don’t succeed, try again. You never know what you can accomplish if you don’t try. Stay motivated and keep your eye on the prize! God Bless, Sherri Catherine 1/24/18